Steve Fox

"As a father of three boys myself, Man Shoes gave me insight into the importance of rising above the negative aspects of my own past in order to be the best father I can be. It takes a mighty man to be better than his history and an even stronger one to write it down and tell his own story."


Steve Fox, Canadian Singer/Songwriter

Peter Legge

"When it's all said and done at the end of our life, in reality, it is family that is the most important; other accomplishments pale against the success a man has with his family. Man Shoes by Tom Watson is a must read when you're looking for inspiration to overcome some of life's biggest struggles – you won't be able to put this book down."

Dr. Peter Legge, OBC, LL.D (HON) D.Tech., Author, Canada's Most Awarded Professional Speaker, Businessman

Rick Hansen

"Tom Watson's inspiring story of overcoming adversity and choosing optimism over negativity when life throws you the tough challenges is told with honesty and humility. I learned early on to never give up on my dreams and that anything is possible; Man Shoes resonates with that belief from the first page."

Rick Hansen, President & CEO, Rick Hansen Foundation

Beverly Raphael

"Tom Watson's philosophy, that life is short, and make the most of the time you have with your family, couldn't be truer. Having lost my first husband to brain cancer, along with raising my two girls during an emotionally difficult time, and then finding happiness once again in life; you understand how I can relate to Tom's story. I believe that we cannot always control the circumstances we are put in, but we have the power to control how we react to those circumstances and, like Tom, I believe there is always room to grow in every circumstance we face."

Beverly Raphael, President & CEO, RCC Associates

Paul Brandt

"One way God's healing and redemption occur is when His faithful servants bravely allow the suffering they've been through to be used for the good of others; Tom Watson offers restoration and hope to all in Man Shoes, a moving account of faith, perseverance, and love."

Paul Brandt, Country Singer/Songwriter 5X CCMA Artist of the Year, CMA Global Artist of the Year, CMT Top New Male Artist, 2X SOCAN Song of the Year Award Winner, CMT Video of the Year, Multiple Juno Award Winner

Tracy Lawrence

"As a parent I think we all try to find ways to engage our children in life. Tom's "Twist on Traditions" in chapter 10 is an inspiring look at the many different ways you can create traditions within your family unit that can last for generations. It is such an awesome responsibility raising children and I love reading things like this that inspire me to be more creative with my family."

Tracy Lawrence, Country Singer/Songwriter, Billboard's Top New Male Vocalist, ACM Top New Male Vocalist Award Winner, Country Weekly Golden Pick Awards' Video Artist of the Year & Editor's Choice Platinum Pick

Michelle Wright

"I found Man Shoes to be refreshing - once I got past the crying parts.
As a woman, I am well aware of the challenges I face every day to be the best that I can be. I have a small group of girl friends with whom I can share that awareness, and I've come to discover that our challenges are very similar.
But I seldom hear about the every day challenges a man faces: the struggle to be a loving husband, a good father, a professional and valuable member of the community. Men don't seem to talk much about those things. So I really appreciated Tom's honesty and his resolve to be all of these things to the best of his ability. And most importantly, I was inspired by his choice to overcome the tragedies and challenges of his life.
I have not had to deal with the same issues Tom has confronted, but certainly I can relate to having a difficult childhood and a challenging career, and choosing to be a loving spouse and a contributing member to society. Knowing there will be other challenges ahead as my life unfolds, I hope that alongside my faith, I will choose as Tom has: to face them, grow from them and allow them to lift me up and empower me to serve as an example of strength and hope to others.
Thanks for the inspiration, Tom."

Michelle Wright, Country Singer/Songwriter, Actor, Author, CCMA Female Vocalist of the Year Award Winner, ACM Top New Female Vocalist Award Winner, SOCAN Songwriting Award Winner

Jason McCoy

"Man Shoes offers inspiration to everyone. If you're struggling with daily issues like raising children, coping with loss or turning a new page in your life, this book is definitely for you."

Jason McCoy, Country Singer Songwriter 3X SOCAN Song of the Year Award Winner, CMA Global Artist Award Winner ('06), CCMA Male Vocalist of the Year

Pat Williams

"Tom Watson's rebound capacity is unparalleled. Man Shoes gives men at any stage of the game full court vision for success."

Pat Williams, Senior Vice-President, Orlando Magic, National Basketball Association (NBA)

Pat Williams

"What I love about Man Shoes by Tom Watson is the way he holds nothing back. He is refreshingly honest about the good he's done, the mistakes he's made and the valuable lessons to be learned from both."

Karen Leland, Bestselling Author "Watercooler Wisdom: How Smart People Prosper in the Face of Conflict, Pressure and Change."

Jack Lee

"Each chapter, each story in this captivating book stands as a critical beacon of hope, showing us the light that shines on the other side of our darkest hours. In sharing his story with the world, Tom encourages us to reach out to others for support and inspiration as we take our own brave step forward into the unknown."

Jack Lee, Founder & President, Blue Wave Foundation

Mark Washington

"We all have a God-given longing to "make a difference." How we choose to act on that longing is our life's journey. Tom's life experiences have been rich and fruitful. Most of us will not face half of the hardships Tom has faced throughout the years, yet without these hardships Tom would not have realized his destiny. Negatives become positives when we learn from them – this book is a positive."

Mark Washington, Defensive Backs Coach British Columbia Lions, Canadian Football League (CFL) Two-Time Grey Cup Champion; CFL Tom Pate Award Winner; AIA Gord Barwell Award Winner

"Every once in a while a book becomes available that strikes at the inner core as to who we are and what we are capable of becoming in spite of adversity. moments of incapacity and a lack of will. Man Shoes gave me the purist look yet as to how far I've come since the death of my wife Lois and the angel I found in Linda some six years later. I can't wait to share this book with our adult children and to act on the messages Tom provides with our five grandchildren.

Thank you Tom for your personal courage in writing Man Shoes and the haunting way it had an immediate impact on me as it will on others who dare to reflect back on their own life journeys."

Kenn Whiteman, MA, Port Alberni City Councillor

"It has been said that life long learning is essential for success. Yet many men find themselves on a treadmill of frenetic busyness and isolation that distracts them from vital life lessons to be learned along the way. Tom Watson in Man Shoes helps us reconsider what it means to be a better man, husband and father. Tom passionately pulls us out of our shells and helps us open our hearts to a deeper, fuller way of living. Man Shoes is a must read!"

Kari Yli-Renko, National Director - Athletes In Action. Canada.

"I am honoured to recommend Tom and his book … He has the ability to reflect deeply and communicate passionately about the real values of life and leadership. He offers "down to earth" ideas and solutions to pressing issues facing men, husbands, and fathers today in a culture filled with distractions and side tracks. I am confident that Tom's writings will be a "breath of fresh air" to his readers who may feel stuck, disillusioned or even in crisis. When you get to stand shoulder to shoulder in the midst of the battle you realize it takes leaders with character to hold everyone together and Tom demonstrates his leadership capabilities every day."

Rev. David Hearn, Canadian Pacific District Superintendent Christian and Missionary Alliance

"These stories … encourage others, especially men, to be better men, husbands, fathers, mentors and influencers of others. He gives practical ideas for use by individuals and families but I found the most impacting aspects of the book were the stories, which although about himself, were stories that many people could identify with in a variety of ways."

Dr. Larry D. Eide

"(Tom's) story of loss, grief and new hope is compelling and compassionate … good news for anyone who might be tempted to believe that redemption is for somebody else, not them. Tom's book challenges the emasculation of men in our culture, providing an alternative that both celebrates and encourages all that is truly masculine in men.It holds a particular appeal to fathers who doubt the effectiveness of their influence."

Rev. Brian Buhler, Senior Pastor Pacific Community Church, Surrey, British Columbia

"MAN SHOES has inspired us all to think more positively about the gift that is our life. This is the best book I've ever read!"

Janine Benoit, Founder and President, Detailed Events

"What a wonderful and inspiring story of a Man's journey through life. I found the stories of Tom Watson's experiences both extremely sad and incredibly rewarding. It is a book that we can all relate to as we move through this life and find our way, despite the challenges we endure. The author has the ability to reel you in with his sense of humor and willingness to share the difficult times and the victories. As a father, husband and entrepreneur, I could relate to many of Tom Watson's stories. A great read for anyone that wants to grow as a person and leave this world a better place."

Warren Kindellan, Husband, Father and Owner of Sudden Impact Branded Apparel and Promotional Products